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We are a team of experienced volunteers tackling the issue of domestic violence in Nigeria

Domestic violence is a big issue

We are constantly working to provide support services for victims of domestic violence. Ranging from temporary accommodation, hospital bills, legal bills, feeding, and teens support etc. Care to be a part of this movement. Kindly click the link below

Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence involves the physical, sexual, financial, and emotional abuse of one person by another for the purpose of intimidating, humiliating, or frightening the victim as a way of maintaining control.

Seek Support

Support is always readily available for people experiencing violence and any form of abuse. For counselling reach out to us via our email, support@dmv.com.ng or call +2348106066132 for urgent matters.

Safety Planning

Safety planning is thinking about things you can do to be safer in an unsafe environment/relationship.

About us

Domestic Violence came into existence as we sought to curb crime within our environment.

DMV is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 by passionate individuals in support and response for the high rate of domestic violence in our society today especially among couples, men and women in a relationship, youths in school etc. We are interested in issues relating to sexual assault, rape child abuse. We are a team of lawyers, IT professionals, religious leaders, retired generals; captains etc.

This organisation was established to ensure that perpetrators of domestic violence are brought to book and face the law through our legal support services by the team of our legal experts who specializes in providing legal support to victims. We are using our collective efforts to support individuals affected by domestic violence to aid them with temporary accommodation, hospital bills and other basic human need.

Our foundation regularly from time to time raises awareness and addresses literacy on domestic violence at both the rural and Urban areas, secondary and tertiary institutions, seminars and talk shows. We achieve this through our dedicated team of IT professionals and scholars via our Talkshow platforms, social media channels and our counselling services. This project is to enlighten, educate, and create more awareness to the respective individuals.


We are constantly happy to welcome individuals who are willing and passionate to be a part of this platform/movement.


Our volunteers are constantly rewarded.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between victims and the law enforcement agencies through the use of our various channels in creating awareness and providing support to concerned individuals whilst encouraging healthy relationships among teens, couples.

Our Plan

To become a household name in Africa that advocates against domestic violence in the continent.

Our Vision

To promote gender equality, healthy relationships and timely response to victims of domestic violence through quality services.

Our Mandate

Establishing good relationship with our partner agencies and armed forces and utilizing our relationships in advocating against domestic violence by timely follow up in cases of domestic violence.


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